Premium Solid Wood Guitar Stands

Authentic Beauty
Purpose Driven Design
Uncompromising Craftsmanship
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Signature Series

Handcrafted in the USA's Inland Northwest, our Signature series™ premium wood guitar stands are made from exotic and domestic wood - with every guitar stand having a unique character all of its own....Enhancing the beauty and protection of your prized guitar

Intensity Series

The Intensity Series™ of premium solid wood guitar stands are handcrafted with the same craftsmanship and utmost attention to detail as our Signature Series™ stands.  However,  the Intensity Series™ of guitar stands add an extra "edge" through the application of a transparent dyed lacquer finish...and you get to pick the finish color to match your own unique style.....   


Guitar Stands & Functional Art

As musicians, collectors, and craftsman for over 30 years, we designed our premium wood guitar stands to display guitars like they are played - in a cradled fashion.  While very aesthetically pleasing, cradling a guitar allows for a guitar stand with exceptional stability and minimal pressure on Guitar resting points – protecting your finish over long periods of use.  Couple this with saddle grade leather trim at each rest point (designed and produced by renowned saddle maker Bob Hickman), our anti-tip base design, and adjustable guitar body capture armature (patent applied for) and you have a guitar stand truly worthy of displaying your guitar.

Handmade in the USA’s Inland Northwest, our premium wood guitar stands are crafted from sustainable solid exotic and domestic hardwoods – making every stand beautifully unique.  You can purchase one of the stunning pre-configured models or have us build you a custom version from our extensive stock of exotic wood species.